growth spurt


We had to postpone Julian’s latest round of vaccines because of his recent surgery (which was deemed a success, thank goodness), so we went in for a quick, shots-only well visit last Friday. Our little man has gained almost 3 pounds since his 1-year check-up just two months ago, now weighing in at 22 lbs. 11 oz.

He continues to eat a wide variety of foods with gusto, and is interested in trying whatever he sees us eating. He is also very working very hard to master his OXO Tot fork and spoon. He still stumbles sometimes, mostly because he’s just moving faster than his legs can carry him, but he’s pretty much got walking and running down pat. He can handle the steps at the Tot Lot, and loves to try his hand at climbing as well. He’s got an ever-increasing vocabulary, with “Dada” or “Daddy”, “cat”, “Mama”, “dog”, “egg”, and “down” all in use, and he’s even started imitating some of what he’s seen on Signing Time (which he loooooves). He also loves his books and loves being read to, and he’ll even bring you a specific book if you ask him to… Dear Zoo is a current favorite, as is Kitten’s First Full Moon.

It’s amazing to look back at what a wee little thing he was just a year ago, and compare that to the babbling, bouncing ball of energy we see before us today. He’s grown so much, and seems to change and develop in new ways every single day. I suspect we’re gonna have our hands full with this guy – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now We Are One


Julian had his one-year checkup today, and while he is still a peanut, below the curve in terms of height and weight for his age (now checking in at 29 inches tall and an even 20 lbs.), his overall health seems great. He is all about walking these days, working on that new skill every chance he gets, and even practicing his backwards walk over the weekend.


He’s growing up so fast, I feel like he’ll be driving before we know it. (And don’t get me started on his interest in climbing… we’re going to have to bolt all our furniture to the walls.)

"Why is this spoon empty?!"


Despite his small size, his appetite is great, and he has very much embraced self-feeding.

I am The Luckiest.

Mike‘s birthday was yesterday, and while Julian started off the day with more “traditional” toddler fare (milk and Cheerios, which he kindly shared with the cats), he was very insistent about sampling everything we ate on our nosh-walk around Chinatown.


It’s pretty wild to think that Mike and I were well into our thirties before we had ever tasted steamed buns, fried dumplings or banh mi; our son, at a little over a year old, has now tried – and loved – all of these things. I so love that Julian wants to taste anything and everything he sees us eating, and that he has really enjoyed most all of it. I hope he continues to show such curiosity and adventurousness as he grows older.


And now that he’s passed the one year mark, our little guy is scheduled to undergo the second (and hopefully final) stage of his corrective surgery this Friday. His new doctors seem to be very pleased with how things have progressed since the first procedure, and have told us they expect a good result this time around as well.


I’m still fretting, of course. I’ll be glad to have this, finally, behind us.

You know you’re in Brooklyn when…


the street fair corn on the cob is organic :)

Cheddar Waffles, Buttermilk Channel

Really digging the cheddar waffle @buttermilkbklyn.

He demolished this piece, and a second just like it – a full side order. This might justify the purchase of a waffle iron. (Thanks, Buttermilk Channel, for a great brunch.)

one year ago

making meatballs

I think I know what I’m cooking up for our little guy tonight.

First Foods: Asparagus

asparagus tips

We haven’t made it to our local indoor farmers market nearly as often this year as we have in years past, but when we heard a rumor that we might find the season’s first asparagus there today, we woke early and headed on over. We were rewarded with all this:

market haul, 4.21.2012

Two little bundles of spears of varying length and thickness, plus wee radishes, a dozen gorgeous eggs, and a bunch of tiny carrots. I removed the tips from the two fattest asparagus stalks and cooked them in a bit of browned butter, showering them with a bit of salty Pecorino, and when they were cool enough to touch, I gave them to the boy.

First Foods: Asparagus!

I think our little locavore is off to a great start.

farmers market lunch

I shaved the rest of those two stalks into thin ribbons and tossed them with a mustardy vinaigrette, then piled them on top of some watercress, adding crumbles of soft goat cheese, snipped chive blossoms, and a couple of beautiful pastured eggs fried in that same browned butter.

Parents gotta eat too, you know.

First Foods: Strawberries

First Foods: Strawberries

Somebody went to town on some frozen strawberries. Tasty *and* soothing to sore gums.

First Foods: Bananas

First Foods: Bananas

Apparently, bananas are serious business.

The yolk’s on you!

Egg on his face.

Poor kid’s got egg on his face. At least he had fun with it.

First Foods: Carrots!

First Foods: Carrots!

The carrots were braised along with some lamb necks we got from the butcher. I fished them out of the pot and mashed them, letting J help himself once they were cool enough to touch. He loved them.


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