First Foods: Asparagus

asparagus tips

We haven’t made it to our local indoor farmers market nearly as often this year as we have in years past, but when we heard a rumor that we might find the season’s first asparagus there today, we woke early and headed on over. We were rewarded with all this:

market haul, 4.21.2012

Two little bundles of spears of varying length and thickness, plus wee radishes, a dozen gorgeous eggs, and a bunch of tiny carrots. I removed the tips from the two fattest asparagus stalks and cooked them in a bit of browned butter, showering them with a bit of salty Pecorino, and when they were cool enough to touch, I gave them to the boy.

First Foods: Asparagus!

I think our little locavore is off to a great start.

farmers market lunch

I shaved the rest of those two stalks into thin ribbons and tossed them with a mustardy vinaigrette, then piled them on top of some watercress, adding crumbles of soft goat cheese, snipped chive blossoms, and a couple of beautiful pastured eggs fried in that same browned butter.

Parents gotta eat too, you know.

First Foods: Strawberries

First Foods: Strawberries

Somebody went to town on some frozen strawberries. Tasty *and* soothing to sore gums.

First Foods: Bananas

First Foods: Bananas

Apparently, bananas are serious business.

The yolk’s on you!

Egg on his face.

Poor kid’s got egg on his face. At least he had fun with it.


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