It’s time.

We need a high chair. Preferably something relatively compact and foldable, as space is at a premium in our abode. Budget-friendly is great – but I’m willing to go up to $200 for a really great chair. Bonus points if it’s not fugly. Suggestions and recommendations are welcome, so please send them our way!

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to eating our meals at the dinner table again.

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11 responses to “It’s time.

  1. so excited for you! we use and love the $25 IKEA high chair featured here:, but this doesn’t meet your foldable requirement and might not meet your not fugly requirement either. it is a great chair though, and wipes up clean with just a dry cloth. also! i read in Organically Raised that babies are more likely to be happy in their seat for longer periods of time if they have a foot rest- ours doesn’t have one and Henry has seemed happy in it all the same, but thought I’d pass that along.

  2. Not foldable, so it’s not the most space-conscious chair, but we love the Svan chair. So much so that after two years with one for Brigid we bought a 2nd for Moira.

  3. By the way, I’m not one for pushing product on parents but if you move up to a bigger kitchen space one day bookmark this one: The Learning Tower ROCKS (but can be something I have to move around my kitchen so I can cook).

  4. We have the Graco 4-in-1 High Chair. ( It’s perfect for a growing child. We were able to put our little guy into it at 1 1/2 months and will be able to use it all the way up to a booster seat stage. The material is great, wipes down easily for a quick clean after a feeding and it has different settings so you can sit your baby upright, or leaned back at different angles depending on their age. It’s not ‘foldable’ but it easily breaks down into 3 different pieces (we pack it in the car on trips). Good luck finding one that works for you!

  5. We had a Graco like that except ours folded (though I can’t say that it saved a lot of space) and the IKEA highchair. We liked the reclining option a lot in the beginning and only moved away from it when E was bigger and didn’t need all of the extras like a giant tray and padding (around 12 or 13 months). From there we used the $25 IKEA chair which was awesome and honestly, we could have used it the whole way. When I thought about the amount of time that our kid really needed a highchair – like two years if that – it was hard to justify anything more. We moved E into a booster at about 20 months and now at almost 2.5 she’s just sitting in a regular adult chair. Looking toward Kid 2.0, we’d probably go straight for IKEA and just pad it with towels or something.

  6. Laurie

    Have you considered the Chico Caddy Hook on High Chair? Haven’t researched it extensively but it gets good reviews in what I’ve seen. Sorry no personal experience with it to share.

  7. In my tiny kitchen we’ve decided to avoid cluttering floorspace with a high chair by using the Chicco 360 Hook-on chair. If you have a table or overhanging countertop to attach to it works great, and you can detach it and carry it with you to visit grandma, etc. The 360° feature is useful to turn the baby to the side for feeding or toward the table for feeding himself.

  8. jojo

    we love our hand me down stokke. Not sure what they retail for but i know it’s probably pretty pricy. However, it’s wood, it will last and your kid grows with the chair. it pushes right up to the table. Our son has eaten at the table his entire life. I didn’t like the idea of him being away from the table while the rest of us eat.

  9. Diane

    If you’re trying to save space check out the inglesia table chair. It attaches directly to your table. I love it! Our 8 month old gets to sit right at the table with us, it’s sturdy, attractive, and very affordable at about $50.

  10. Jen-

    …Ingrid and I just had twins in December and we’re going to try these:

    …our little ones are still a bit small to use them but we like that they sit upon chairs that are already at our table. Another couple that we know who also had twins recommended them to us and they said they worked out well.


  11. Thanks so much for the comments and recommendations, everyone! And thanks especially to Diane – we went with the Inglesina, and we love it! It’s perfect for our needs right now, and Julian seems to really enjoy sitting in it.

    Josh – double congrats to you and Ingrid!


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