last night’s dinner

Seared pork skirt steak, farro, baby napa cabbage, anchovy-herb sauce, olive oil fried egg

Seared pork skirt steak, farro, baby napa cabbage, anchovy-herb sauce, olive oil fried egg. Guess the old girl’s still got it.

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2 responses to “last night’s dinner

  1. Hey girl, that looks awesome. And of course you still have it! (Short rib chili, need I say more?)

    I was thinking about you last night. I was going through my old blog from the first posts to the newest and I realized something I wanted to share with you. Of all the posts I wrote about food, food politics, food issues, cookbook reviews, food industry news, opinion pieces about food, recipes, the only posts that mattered to me were the ones I wrote about David and the kids.

    See, now that they are 7 and 5, I barely remember them or who they were at 1, 2 and 3 years old. Most of the stories I told on my blog were stories about them that I had forgotten. It was wonderful to re-read them, to see the pictures, to relive the stories with David, even when the posts themselves weren’t beautifully composed or perfect, or sometimes when they just seemed to be written by an illiterate fool, they still meant something.

    So I just wanted to share that with you, and let you know who wonderful it is that the subject of your blog is Julian, and how you are committing these stories of the three of you to memory here, because 5, 10, 20 years from now, that’s all you’ll want to read about.

    Much love to you, Kim xoxo

  2. Wow, thank you so much, Kim. That’s really it – that’s really what I wanted to do here, put these memories down so that in the future, we will have this space to return to and remember.

    I can’t even imagine having a one year old, but that birthday will be here before we know it – how the heck did we get to 5 months already? And 5 *years*? Forget it. My mind boggles. But it will come, sooner than we expect. I don’t want to lose these moments. Miss you. xxxooo


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