First Feast

Thanksgiving morning.

shaved fall vegetable salad with mustard vinaigrette

Lovely wine from a lovely friend - thanks, @dymnyno!!

slow-roasted duck, herbed roasted potatoes, braised leeks

I made dessert, y'all.

We kept things simple this Thanksgiving, our first as a family of three: a slow-roasted duck, potatoes roasted in its fat, leeks braised in white wine, and a crunchy salad of shaved fall vegetables – all sourced from local farmers. We uncorked a wonderful bottle of wine, a gift to us from the winemaker for the occasion of Julian’s birth. I even made dessert – a cardamom-spiced fruit crumble with local apples and berries I froze in summer. It was a beautiful meal to end a beautiful day.

As his daddy said elsewhere, Julian won’t remember his first Thanksgiving, but we’ll never forget it.

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2 responses to “First Feast

  1. I love this blog. It makes me happy, for you three and us. Thanks for sharing Julian with us. xoxo

  2. So glad there’s still a way I can keep peeking into your life. =) Good luck on going back to work and I know Julian is going to grow up being the best fed and most loved little boy ever.


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